Giving Back

PLATINUMĀ GROUP Management Inc supports the Arts. Each year a percentage of PLATINUM GROUP’s income is donated to Los Angeles Arts Alliance.

chandler pavillion downtown los angeles

LAAA was founded as a way to bring people of like minds and hearts together to supportĀ  a variety of art and cultural programs and a number of artists by both raising money and awareness.




The Los Angeles Arts Alliance (LAAA) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization committed to elevating the lives of economically challenged youth in Los Angeles through inspirational and aspirational arts and culture programs. All donations, proceeds from purchases and resources are used either independently or in partnership with businesses, sponsors, private grants, and public funding to achieve these goals.

We believe that art, music, dance and theater have the ability to build self-esteem, inspire creativity and empower collaboration while unifying our diverse communities. This is why we work with inner-city schools, non-profit organizations and artists to help build and preserve art programs that benefit the community.

Please visit us at and get involved in giving back to the community.